How US EEG can help your facility


US EEG tailors our solutions for each facility and your unique needs. We offer a range of services to facilities. For example, US EEG has the capability to establish and operate a facility’s Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) which enhances the business and clinical results for the facility. US EEG can also complement a facility’s staff by providing supplementary technicians; this enables facilities to manage the variability of clinical requests.  

US EEG meets or exceeds all facility requirements on credentialing and staffing.  

Innovative & Continuous Improvement

US EEG will bring our leading practices to support the facility’s continuous improvement goals. Our technicians have the benefit of working with several facilities and we will collaboratively bring ideas and suggest improvement opportunities. US EEG also rigorously and proactively measures performance. We will share the metrics in support of the facility’s accreditation goals.   

Clinical Care (pediatric, senior care, time sensitive)  

US EEG has experience in providing care to specific populations and tailoring our care to their needs.    We are working with a leading pediatric hospital and effectively provide care taking into account parental feedback as we care for the children. We also have the capability to provide EEG services to senior patients and account for their unique needs.  

Time sensitive: we are a reliable service provider in meeting & exceeding response and set-up goals.  Timeliness is a key metric that we manage and hold ourselves to the highest standards.